Fields of expertise

Judicial disputes

Our firm has successfully obtained acquittals in difficult criminal cases, including white collar and criminal tax cases.

In the field of family matters, we have experience in the division of joint property between former spouses.

In the field of real estate law, we assist in the dissolution of joint property and in the divisions of estates.

We effectively support our Clients before public authorities and administrative courts in the field of regulation of the amount of public-law liabilities, customs, duties and excise taxes.

Economic consulting

We have successfully conducted many economic court cases, often with a very complicated legal status.

We prepare expert opinions and contracts in business transactions and negotiate the terms and conditions of their conclusion.

We have experience in providing legal services to companies in the construction, luxury goods, and manufacturing industries.

We help our clients to choose the appropriate legal form for their business.


Our negotiations very often end with a better result than our Clients can expect in the case of a long-term court proceedings.