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About our Law Firm

If you entrust professional and experienced attorneys, who have relevant expert knowledge, with providing legal assistance, then you have safeguarded the proper development of your enterprise, the proper conduct of court cases and out-of-court disputes, as well as the success of important business undertakings or vital life decisions.

If you seek the services of an advocate, you choose a representative of the most prestigious and historically long-lasting professional group to conduct your case.

When an advocate renders legal services to your business, you have done all to ensure its stability and certain development considering all and any legal aspects.

When you enter a court room with an advocate, then you feel safer, opt for the quality, prestige and experience gained by this professional group representative.

Our team consists of lawyers specialising in various branches of law, from civil law to administrative and criminal law. Acting for you our team are able to provide comprehensive legal services that you require today and you might need in the future.

Our staff are fluent in English, German and Spanish.


Areas of Expertise

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    Commercial law

    We have experience in providing ongoing legal services to businesses in the construction industry, luxury services and production services.

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    Our Law Firm can boast acquittals in difficult criminal cases, including both criminal commercial and fiscal penal cases.

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    When we assist in negotiations, the result often surpasses our clients’ hopes or the potential outcome of time-consuming court proceedings.

  • We also offer legal services
    in various other fields.